• Who is Jaydeep Dholakia??

    The story of a boy starts in a middle-class family of a Small City. Having big milestones and little chocolates in his pocket he starts off his long educational journey in an English medium school.


    While learning basic math of how to multiply numbers, in around 6th Grade he gets his hands on a computer keyboard, from where he dives into the gaming world and a curiosity of how a computer works.


    After departing from his schooling he enters into an Engineer's land, also known as a College. In the first year, while dreaming of becoming the next "Mark Zuckerberg " he creates a website named "Lets Learn How to Code" which he runs successfully for a year.


    A new emerging YouTube star borns in the second year of college. While making Vlogs, he successfully entertains around 11K people and creating a community of more than 400 on that platform.

    As he enters into the third year, he falls in love with A.I and settles to pursue it for the rest of his life. He spends time with its soulmate a year to study it in detail before jumping in and doing projects. He now has

    enough knowledge which he shares as the form of repositories on GitHub page.

    As he steps in the final year, he actively looks for opportunities to showcase his abilities and also work on real-world projects, complete the milestones which lay rest in his pocket with little chocolates.

  • My Personal Projects


    Concerned parent: If all your friends jumped off a bridge would

    you follow them?


    Machine Learning algorithm: Yes."


    May - 2018

    A Machine Learning program to classify Wine based on various attributes. In this project, I have used UCI dataset to predict wine upon its different attributes.

    October - 2018

    Our vision is to grow a An entrepreneurial movement in Detroit. Network members share a commitment to youth-leadership development that fosters future creators, problem-solvers and social change-makers.

    July - 2018

    An ANN (Artificial Neural Network) for predicting the handwritten digit. Created with the help of Keras and dataset used of MNIST.

    May - 2018

    An​ ANN (Artificial Neural Network) for predicting the output based on our input data and training data.

  • Education

    Fatima Convent School

    S.S.C. (till 2013)

    Completed my schooling till 10th Grade in Gujarat State Board.

    Sardar Patel Institute

    H.S.C. (2013-2015)

    Completed my 11th & 12th in Science, Gujarat State Board.

    Atmiya Institute of Technology

    B.E. (2015-2015)

    Currently pursuing my Bachelors of Engineering in Information & Technology, Gujarat Technological University.

  • Share a Coffee?!?

    I often look for ways to get away from work, want to help me by meeting and sharing a coffee?